How does a folding gate works?

A folding gate, also known as an accordion gate or scissor gate, is a type of gate that operates by expanding and collapsing in a zigzag or accordion-like fashion. It consists of a series of interconnected vertical metal bars or slats that fold together when the gate is closed and extend outwards when the gate is opened.

Here is a general overview of how a folding gate works:

  1. Opening the gate: To open the folding gate, you typically unlock it and push or pull it to one side. As you move the gate, the interconnected metal bars or slats unfold and extend, creating a barrier across the opening.

  2. Extending the gate: As you continue to open the gate, the individual bars or slats pivot and stack upon each other, forming a continuous and sturdy gate structure. The gate expands to cover the desired width of the opening.

  3. Locking the gate: Once the gate is fully extended, it is often secured in place using a locking mechanism. This may involve inserting a rod or pin into a locking hole or engaging a latch to keep the gate in its open position.

  4. Closing the gate: To close the folding gate, you release the locking mechanism and start folding the gate back. As you move the gate towards the closed position, the interconnected bars or slats fold and stack upon each other, gradually reducing the gate's width.

  5. Securing the gate: Once the gate is fully closed, it is typically locked in place to ensure security. This can involve engaging a latch or lock mechanism to keep the gate securely closed.

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19 Jun 2023